WVPU Philosophy Club

Webster Vienna Private University Philosophy Club

 If an unexamined life is not worth living, then join the Philosophy Club and let us do our best together.

  • The WVPU Philosophy Club is a student governed organization established through Webster Vienna Private University in 2018.

  • Our goal is merely to provide a platform for people interested in philosophy and help them develop that interest.

  • We hold a minimum of 4 meetings each semester in which we discuss and analyze philosophical works.

  • We further organize many visits to philosophy related events. For more information go to our "Meetings" tab and "News" tab or just click on the "Events" window.

  • The WVPU Philosophy Club is funded by the WVPU Student Government Association. For more information visit Webster Vienna Private University.

  • Join us! Just contact us and you will receive more information. 

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