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Negation and Violence - Freud, Hyppolite, Lacan: Lecture by dr. Amanda Holmes

Updated: Feb 23

The Philosophy Club has invited the Lacanian scholar Amanda Holmes to deliver a lecture on the concept of "Negation" and its relation to violence. The psychoanalytic concept of negation (Verneinung) is defined as a, "Procedure whereby the subject, while formulating one of his wishes, thoughts or feelings which has been repressed hitherto, contrives, by disavowing it, to continue to defend himself against it." In other words, put simply, Freud questions the validity of the patient's "No." What does it mean when the patient refuses to accept an interpretation of the analyst? "No, the person that I killed in my dream was not my father," passionately claims the patient. What is the analyst to make of this negation?

Join us for Dr. Amanda Holmes' lecture to find out more!

Assigned readings:

Reading 1: Freud Negation: https://we.tl/t-WuZq7m7Wbh

Reading 2: Hyppolite Negation:


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